Nyinkka Nyunyu

Launching  a new art and culture centre

This series of publications were commissioned for the launch of Nyinkka Nyunyu, an Art and Culture Centre located at Tennant Creek in the centre of the Northern Territory, celebrating Warumungu (Aboriginal) land, culture, history and language.

Presenting a photographic panorama of local ‘hard rock country’, with images of fire, bush tucker, dance and spinifex – the publications integrate local language as signposts for what can be seen and experienced at the centre and in the surrounding landscape. They also act as education kits using local artists’ drawings and diagrams where possible to create a distinctive Warumungu signature.


Writers: Alison Alder, Trisha Frank, M Jones Jampin, Jane Simpson, Liz Tregenza
Artists: Tennant Creek artists, M Jones Jampin, R Graham Namikili


Distinction – AGDA Awards 2004
Best in Show – MAPDA 2004
Winner – MAPDA 2004